Midim Concerts and the MIDIM group

In 1982 some assistents and students of Wener Kaegi formed the MIDIM-group. Inspired by Werner Kaegi the group organised all kind of activities. Between 1982 and 1990 there were around 30 concerts in which electronic compositions (made with the MIDIM/VOSIM-system) were presented, combined with all sorts of artistic disciplines. Visual artists and writers collaborated with musicians and technicians to create new combinations. The group experimented with automatic creation on stage. What's more the group did research on several fields (gamelan, speech synthesis, software development, music theory, film) and gave courses and lectures. The group was supported by Stichting Gaudeamus and Muziekcentrum Vredenburg.

For further reading see: MIDIM/VOSIM Reports, special issue of Interface, vol. 15 nr. 2-4, Swets and Zeitlinger, Lisse.

The main members of the MIDIM-group were: Jos Janssen, Paul Goodman, Pieter Kuipers, Heinerich Kaegi and Pierre van Berkel. The group collaborated with many composers and artists from Holland and abroad.