Werner Kaegi

Midim Concerts and the MIDIM group

In 1982 some assistents and students of Wener Kaegi formed the MIDIM-group. Inspired by Werner Kaegi the group organised all kind of activities. Between 1982 and 1990 there were around 30 concerts in which electronic compositions (made with the MIDIM/VOSIM-system) were presented, combined with all sorts of artistic disciplines. Visual artists and writers collaborated with musicians and technicians to create new combinations. The group experimented with automatic creation on stage. What's more the group did research on several fields (gamelan, speech synthesis, software development, music theory, film) and gave courses and lectures. The group was supported by Stichting Gaudeamus and Muziekcentrum Vredenburg.

For further reading see: MIDIM/VOSIM Reports, special issue of Interface, vol. 15 nr. 2-4, Swets and Zeitlinger, Lisse.

The main members of the MIDIM-group were: Jos Janssen, Paul Goodman, Pieter Kuipers, Heinerich Kaegi and Pierre van Berkel. The group collaborated with many composers and artists from Holland and abroad.


Summer 2021 Archivation of Master Tapes

The tape archive of Werner Kaegis works will be incorporated in the Sonology Archive in The Hague. The main works will be digitalized from the original master tapes. We hope that most of the electronic works will be published in the next years!! We are very happy that finally this wonderful material can be saved for the future.

New VOSIM66 software by Heinerich Kaegi

Between 2020 and 2021 Heinerich Kaegi and Ludger Hurts developed a new Vosim programm VOSIM66 based on the original ideas of Werner Kaegis Vosim and Midim systems. This programm is created in GNU Octave and runs on Windows, Mac and Linux. Seen the ongoing development, the material cannot be downloaded at the moment, but you can send us an email for more information.


New version of VOSIM generator software by Luuk Trip

Luuk Trip developed in 1999 a Vosim generator software VOS2WAV based on the original Vosim 7 vector. Meanwhile Luuk has adapted his VOS2WAV system for Windows 10. For more information, please mail us.


New scores available soon

Scores of several old compositions of Werner Kaegi will be soon available!

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